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Bring Beauty to Your Patio

'Levi' Asiatic Lily
'Levi' Asiatic Lily

Especially in the summer months, I love to be surrounded by flowers, and there are times that I want to add a thrilling focal point to different spots through my garden... and my front door.

'Dizzy' Oriental Lily
'Dizzy' Oriental Lily

By planting a few "thrillers" in pots in the spring, I can move the pot to perk up a tired spot in my garden or replace a plant that failed or place the pot into an arrangement on my patio for an instant makeover.

Great plants to use for this purpose are lilies. They are incredibly easy to grow

AND put on a show that is SHOWSTOPPING when it's their time to shine.... and shine they do for weeks and weeks at a time.

Here's how to do it:

Ok - so first off... Planting lily bulbs is easy, but please know that lilies are a deer's favorite lunch around these parts - so you WILL need to protect them from those beautiful, but pesky creatures if you have them in your yard.

  • First off, choose a large pot that is sufficiently deep - at least 12-18" deep and has at least a few drainage holes - and fill it halfway full with some potting mix. If you live here locally, I always recommend "My Soil" for planting in containers as it contains all the extras you need all in one (making it nice and simple) and I've always had success with it.

  • Go ahead and arrange your lily bulbs on the surface (making sure the pointy ends are facing up) about 2" apart. (You'll most likely need a minimum of 3-5 bulbs for a small minimum-sized container, but you can do the math.)

  • Cover the bulbs with another layer of potting mix, making sure the level of mix is around 2" below the pot rim.

  • Water the pot thoroughly to ensure that they are well-hydrated and have enough moisture to start growing. If the level of potting mix falls after watering, you can add more to bring it back up to the 2" mark.

And honestly ... that is it!

'African Queen' Trumpet Lily
'African Queen' Trumpet Lily

Place it in full sun in an area where you won't forget to water it (using the "My Soil" mix will also help with this as it contains ingredients to help retain water) and move the pot to its final position when the plants are ready to flower. Before you know it you will have a showstopper that will give an instant makeover to your garden or make a lasting impression on your guests at your entryway.

If you're looking for a short variety, I love the classic crispness of 'Tiny Crystal', but I also love stunners like the tried and true 'Stargazer' or 'Jaybird' or 'Bonsoir' or 'Hotel California'.

(For the taller varieties, you may need to stake them if you're in a windy spot so that their blooms don't topple the pot over -- but it depends on how big your pot is too. (Bigger is always better when it comes to pots IMO :)))

And actually, if I'm being quite honest, you may need one of each variety - cause really - how can you choose? ..."Do it for a friend" - you can bring her some bouquets from your garden this summer - how awesome would that be?!? I know that's what I'm looking forward to doing with mine!

(If you're looking for lily bulbs to fill your pots with this summer, we have a wholesale group order going in to the supplier. If you'd like to join in, the deadline to get your order in is February 19, 2023. You can find more info about the program and this order on our wholesale-direct group ordering page)

'Tigermoon' Oriental Lily
'Tigermoon' Oriental Lily


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