The Cutting Gardens

Our World Needs More Smiles

We will NOT be open for you-pick flowers at the nursery for the 2022 Season.


Last season, opening the nursery for you-pick events was a wonderful experience and we are so grateful that we had the opportunity to share the beauty and joy of them with you. This year we need to take the summer off to spend with our family. Our kids are growing up so fast and sometimes it's necessary to say "No" to things in life (even really GOOD things!) so that we can say "Yes" to what matters most.

Flowers have a profound effect on us - there’s something special about seeing that bright pop of colour in a pretty vase. They  remind us that life is beautiful and that we are special. Flowers bring joy and happiness and I love sharing them with as many people as possible!​


Self-Serve Flower Stand

Self-serve flower bouquets will be available sporadically this season. When flowers are available, we will be sure to post on social media.