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About Us...

My love of plants has developed into a passion for starting, propagating and growing up baby starts into beautiful treasures for your landscape.

I started our little nursery in 2014 as a result of my own need for landscaping plants. We moved from the mainland years before and found our little 5-acre piece of paradise, but I couldn't afford to landscape it. I started propagating from the plants that I had and opened up one weekend to share my extras with the community. News spread fast and the rest is history!


We specialize in perennials, but we also have some shrubs and edibles in spring and fall.  We grow all our perennials here locally on our property in Parksville using pollinator-friendly practices.  We always have 100s of varieties to choose from.

My goal is to provide quality plants for beginner and seasoned gardeners alike. The best feeling is to see people walk away with plants from our nursery with a happy smile on their faces. We love making gardening affordable for all and sharing the peace and joy that gardening brings.

Cutting Gardens...

July through September (and sometimes into October) we have beautiful cutting gardens to stroll through.  Enjoy the experience of selecting an array of flowers to cut to make bouquets to brighten your indoor spaces.  Flowers are a magical thing!

Self-Serve Flower Cart...

Our flower cart is stocked with flower bouquets during the cutting garden season (July through September).  

Group Orders...

Oh - and one more thing - make sure to check out our group-ordering program for wholesale-direct ordering. We bring in plants direct from growers that customers can pre-order at various times throughout the year.

I can't wait to meet you and show you what we do!
3 Secrets to an Amazing Landscape

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