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A favorite spring ground cover: Phlox subulata (Creeping Phlox)

Phlox subulata is a gorgeous groundcover phlox for your garden. It literally looks like a carpet of flowers when it blooms mid to late spring. Its vibrant blooms absolutely shine as beacons for the bees and butterflies that love them. Deer and rabbits leave them alone because of their slightly spikey touch. They grow about 4-8 inches tall and spread out 14-24” and will even form a beautiful cascading waterfall over rocks and retaining walls. They need a full-sun spot to be the most productive, and well-drained soil, but will also perform well in part shade. They’re perfect for that tough spot in your garden that doesn’t get a lot of attention, are incredibly winter-hardy, and bloom reliably every year. The plants spread quickly and even when not in bloom, their dark green needlelike foliage keeps them looking good. You really can’t beat them for their beautiful spring color and easygoing nature!

Available in white, pink and white striped, dark pink, and light blue - they're a must-have in your wildlife-friendly garden.


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