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Variegatus features arching leaves with bold white and green stripes. In late summer to early fall, it produces feathery, reddish flower plumes that turn silver as they age. This ornamental grass is hardy with the ability to handle cold winter temperatures, urban pollution and drought once it's established. They also prefer full sun but can handle a little shade. Variegatus is often used in garden borders, as a privacy screen or for focal points in the garden. Relatively low-maintenance, this plant prefers moist soils, but once established, it's drought tolerant. To keep it looking tidy, cut back the old foliage a few inches from the ground in early spring to promote new growth. Deer resistant.


Height: 4-6 ft | Spread: 3-5 ft | Light: Full Sun

Maiden Grass 'Variegatus' (Miscanthus sinensis)

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