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Bee a Hero: Learn How to Attract Bees for a Sustainable Garden!

As spring bursts into full bloom, we're thrilled to dive into the wonderful world of bees and how you can entice these busy buddies to make your garden their buzzing haven.

By rolling out the red carpet for our buzzing buddies in your garden, you're not just inviting bees to the party – you're throwing open the doors to a wild world of beneficial insects, feathered friends, and wildlife superstars that will step up to protect your precious plants from pests!

So let's get the party started and learn how to create a bee-friendly extravaganza right in your backyard!

1. Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers: Prepare to be the hostess with the mostest colorful party! Bees go gaga for flowers bursting with nectar and pollen. Sprinkle your garden with a variety of flowers and flowering herbs like lavender, salvia, catmint, allium, bee balm, liatris, coneflowers and russian sage. It's like a buffet for our fuzzy friends, offering an array of shapes and sizes to cater to different bee species.

2. Quench Their Thirst: Bees get thirsty too, you know! Set up a trendy water station in your garden. Grab a shallow dish or basin, fill it up with clean water, and toss in some pebbles or stones as cozy resting spots. This way, our buzzing buddies can sip their favorite beverage without worrying about taking an unplanned swim.

3. Give Them a Place to Crash: Solitary bees, the cool introverts of the bee world, need cozy nesting spots. Impress them with a bee mansion or hotel in a sunny spot in your garden. You can DIY it with bamboo tubes, drilled wood blocks, or pick up fancy nesting blocks from your local hardware store. Give them a five-star experience, and they'll repay you in pollination wonders!

4. No Chemical Drama, Please: Bees are all about good vibes, man. Pesticides and chemicals harsh their mellow, so let's keep it organic. Say no to harmful pesticides and opt for natural pest control methods like companion planting or inviting ladybugs to the party. It's all about creating a harmony of insect-friendly vibes!

5. Party Season Long: Bees like to keep the party going, so plan your blooms accordingly! Make sure your garden is a season-round festival of flowers. Mix and match varieties that bloom at different times, from early spring to late fall. This way, you'll keep the nectar bar stocked and the dance floor buzzing!

So go ahead, unleash your inner bee charmer, and create a buzzing oasis in your garden.

Happy gardening, my fellow bee enthusiasts!

~ Melissa

Lakeside Garden Nursery,

Parksville, BC


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