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7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Lilies

Do you love gardening, but find that some of the plants are a little too daunting? Or maybe you're looking for a way to add some color and fragrance to your garden without spending a lot of time on maintenance. If so, here are seven reasons why you should consider growing lilies.

Picture of 'Tiny Icon' Asiatic Lily
'Tiny Icon' Asiatic Lily

1. Lilies are easy to grow

Lilies are almost foolproof and one of the easiest things to grow. They grow quickly from bulbs planted in the fall or early spring and as long as they are planted in well-draining soil, in full sun to part shade and don't let them dry out during dry spells, they will be happy for years to come.

2. Lilies attract pollinators

Planting lilies will attract pollinators such as bees, and butterflies to your gardens. It’s not only entertaining to watch these creatures flutter in and out of your yard, but planting pollinator friendly plants also helps keep our planet healthy and beautiful. Plant lilies and you will be amazed at the creatures that find you.

Hummingbird Visiting Oriental Lily

3. Lilies Attract Hummingbirds

Those who love hummingbirds will want to plant lilies. Planting a yard full of these cone-shaped flowers will give these beautiful birds something tasty and refreshing from which they may sip while enjoying their next meal at your property! Hummingbirds love the taste of these delicious flowers and come back for seconds, so you'll be sure to see them around.

4. Lilies are the ultimate hardy perennials

Lilies are generally hardy down to a zone 4. Once you plant them, they'll keep coming back year after year (and increasing their production) with no worries about planting again or removing their bulbs at season's end! These beautiful flowers can be planted once and will still perform well for years on end - making them perfect additions to any garden collection.

Picture of 'Bonsoir' LA Hybrid Lily
'Bonsoir' LA Hybrid Lily

5. Lilies come in a variety of colors

Lilies come in a range of colors, so you can find one to match your garden's color scheme. Colors include pink, rose, white, pale orange, and cream and many are even speckled and/or striped. There are so many lily varieties to choose from, that you can become an avid collector and create your very own garden with all the different variations.

6. Lilies bloom for a long time

Each of these spectacular plants produce flowers for many weeks on end (much longer than many plants) and by planting more than one variety of lily, you can have blooms from early summer through until fall.

Bouquet of 'Stargazer' Lilies

7. Lilies make great cut flowers

Lilies are some of the most beautiful flowers to cut and their sturdy stems make them perfect for use in bouquets. They're perfect for creating an arrangements and there beauty lasts for weeks indoors if they are cut and brought in before they open.

What are you waiting for? It's time to start enjoying lilies in your yard!

(If you're looking for lily bulbs to fill your pots with this summer, we have a wholesale group order going in to the supplier. If you'd like to join in, the deadline to get your order in is February 19, 2023. You can find more info about the program and this order on our wholesale-direct group ordering page)

A couple words of caution...Lilies are toxic to cats - so if you have cats that are eager to "try" things, lilies are not the best choice for you. Also, deer consider lilies to be a tasty snack so it’s best, if you would like to see your lilies flower, to plant them in an area where deer are unable to reach them.


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