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I'm so excited to work with you to help bring your landscape vision to life.  Let's dive right in with a few questions to help me help you make your dream landscape a reality!

Help me get to know you...

To be respectful of your time and to get the most out of our initial meeting together, please take 10-15 minutes to fill out the following questionnaire. The more information that you can provide, the better, but don't get hung up if you don't know the answer... we will talk about it a lot more when we meet - this will just give us a head start.

Name of spouse or significant other also involved in the decision making process

Site Address

What sevices are you interested in?
What parts of your property are you currently interested in getting help with?
How will this area of your garden be used? (Check all that apply.)
Design moods - Check all that appeal to you:
What would you like to achieve with plants? (Check all that apply.)
What are your style preferences? Please check one or more:
Lawn - please check one
Upload File
What is your ideal timeline for completing the project?
How long do you anticipate being in your current home?
What is your budget for the landscape project?
How do you intend to have the landscape installed?
Approximately how much time are you willing to spend on maintenance each week?
Once a landscape is installed, even a drought tolerant plant needs to be watered consisently for two years. What will be your form of watering?

Thanks for submitting all that info! I can't wait to work with you... see you soon!

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