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Fire Dragon is named after its fiery red fall colors. Throughout the growing season, its leaves transition from a rich green to vibrant reds and oranges in the autumn. It also produces airy, silver flower plumes that last a bit into the winter. This variety prefers full sun to achieve the best growth and color and needs well-drained soil to prevent root rot. Due to its height, this ornamental grass is perfect for border plantings or mass plantings. This plant requires regular watering during its first growing season to establish deep roots but becomes more drought-tolerant over time. While relatively low-maintenance, you will need to but back the old foliage in winter or early spring before new shoots appear. Deer resistant.


Height: 5-6 ft | Spread: 3-4 ft | Light: Full Sun

Maiden Grass 'Fire Dragon' (Miscanthus sinensis)

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