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Adagio is a popular ornamental grass known for its fine, narrow foliage. The silver-green leaves of this graceful plant transition to golden hues in the fall. It blooms from late summer into fall, producing feathery plumes that start silvery-pink and fade to white as they mature. Adagio prefers full sun to light shade, along with well-drained soil. This versatile plant is perfect for adding structure along borders or fences, or as an eye-catching focal point in garden beds. It is low-maintenance, needing only occasional watering. Early in the spring, it's beneficial to trim back the foliage to a few inches above the ground to encourage fresh growth and keep its appearance neat. Deer resistant.


Height: 3-4 ft | Spread 3-4 ft | Light: Full Sun to Light Shade

Maiden Grass 'Adagio' (Miscanthus sinensis)

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