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Fast spreading creeping thyme (Thymus serphyllum 'Coccineus', aka Thymus praecox is one of the best low-growing drought tolerant groundcovers for sunny & dry spots. Creeping thyme will crowd out unwanted weeds and thrive in poor soil where other groundcovers fail. An ideal lawn substitute for small spaces. A low growing mat reaching only 1" tall.


This no-fuss groundcovers requires little water and practically no maintenance. Soft green foliage releases a perfume when stroked or walked on that will stir the senses and linger throughout the garden air. Hundreds of pink flowers are also fragrant and bloom in early summer, and the variety 'Coccineus' is known for its specially rich, saturated flower color.


Plant around stepping stones, over boulders, in stone paths, or let it spill throughout your perennial border. The only requirement this deer-proof and hardy ground cover has is a sunny spot with good drainage.


Height: 1” | Spread: 18” | Full Sun

Thyme, Creeping 'Coccineus' (Thymus praecox)

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